• COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler


    START TIME: 8:05 a.m.

    START LINE: Oilfields Arena, Black Diamond

    FINISH LINE: Millarville Racetrack, Millarville Farmers’ Market

    At 8 miles (12.8 KM), it’s an old-time, classic distance.

    You can blaze straight through as a registered “Runner” or you can be gastronomically challenged as an 8-Mile “Bunner.”

    Those registering as “Bunners” will stop at MILE 3.4 on the race course, eat a delicious 200 calorie cinnamon bun courtesy of COBS Bread, Okotoks, get your bib marked by our volunteers, then set off to MILE 6.4 where you’ll repeat the bunning!!!  Then it’s 1.6 miles to the finish line at Millarville Farmers’ Market!! Burp!!!

    Those registering as 8-Mile “Runners” can nibble at cinnamon buns along the way if they want or they can just run/walk straight through. Just register as a regular “Runner.”

    We will pay a $75 bonus if the top 8-Mile “Bunner” beats the top 8-Mile “Runner,” male and female, to the finish line!!! This has happened twice already!!!

    The COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler  starts at Oilfields Arena in Black Diamond at 8:05 a.m., heading north on 3rd St. SW, west on 3rd Ave. SW, north on 5th St. SW, crossing Highway 22 and then crossing the Sheep River in the first 4/5ths of a mile. You will then merge with the remainder of the Half Marathon course at Racetrack Road, enjoying the same rural part of the course as the half marathoners and relayers and finish at the Farmers’ Market as well.

    For 8-Milers, start line elevation is 1,173 metres (3,848 feet), highest point is 1,204 metres (3,950 feet) at roughly mile 4 or halfway. Finish line elevation is 1,164 metres (3,819 feet). A map for the Cinnamon Bun Run 8 Miler course is at this link:  MAP 

    A special thanks to Kelly Hodgins and Lee Hodgins of COBS Bread Okotoks for donating fresh cinnamon buns to our race morning. There were 1,600 buns eaten in 2018. No leftovers!!!

    Age Limit

    “Bunner” Category – Ages 12 and over “Runner” Category – Ages 12 and older


    Until end Jan 1 $55
    Until end Mar 31 $60
    Until end May 31 $70
    Until end Jun 9 $80

    We will provide a registration link shortly

    Course Map

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    Important Dates


    Saturday, June 18, 2022





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